Monday, 16 October 2017

Would You Like To Fly To The Edge Of Space In A Capsule? (7 pics )

If you want to have a near-space experience, the World View company will make it happen. They already planned for commercial flights to be carried out in their stylish high-tech capsules in 2017. 
Six passengers and 2 crew members will be launched in a pressurized capsule into the stratosphere attached to a high-altitude balloon filled with helium. The flight will take about 4 to 6 hours and after the descent, the voyagers will be transported back to the launching site on a private aircraft.

Aboard the capsule everything's made for you comfort: a refreshment bar, a restroom and an internet access so you could share your videos and photos in real time.

These Two Kittens Were Left To Die When Someone Took Them On An Adventure Instead

Meet Bolt and Keel. Two adorable little cats who were left to die in a bush behind a garbage can in a local park. 
These two would have stood no chance out in the elements if it wasn’t for the two people who found them.

The two ladies that found these adorable kittens had planned to take them to the shelter the next day. It was not open after they got out of work however.

A planned hiking trip forced them to try to find someone who could take the kittens. No one was able to take the cats on such short notice though.

So they decided to take the two kittens hiking with them!

It quickly became apparent that these kittens and ladies belonged together.

The four have become inseparable since then. How could you leave that cute little face home?

The cats are now regulars on camping, hiking, and kayaking trips!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

1966 Chevy Truck Restoration

How it all started 
Love ya pops

Found on Cragslist. Description: "does no run" when we got there it didn't even have an engine or trans.

little sis the day we brought the 66 home

getting ready for pressure washing and paint

My dad is a bad ass welder and came up with this knock off auto twirler

With my great uncle at his shop (the GREATEST uncle)
Another cab (blue) was found on Cragslist. It had less rust and cost about the same as patch panels would for the original red one would have cost.

some one had tried to patch this hole with tar and barn siding.