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    21 Trippy Illusions Sure To Make You Do A Double-Take

    Perspective is one hell of a drug.

    Sometimes we see things that shatter our entire realities. That is, until we look just a little bit closer. Here are some examples.

    Bad parenting? Or something else?

    I wonder how he lost his hand...

    The amazing levitating man!

    Is that you Jesus? Did you finally come back?

    He just needs to sit down for a minute.

    That's a nice car you have there.

    I like your beard.

    The rare see-through cat.

    That's a big nose for a kid.

    What an unfortunate disorder to have.

    Why is that man riding that woman?

    I'm not thrilled about the giant bird invasion.

    Put some pants on!

    That dog has such fabulous hair.

    What an odd painting to have.

    He made a bold clothing choice today.

    Who says boys can't wear girls' clothes?

    Some dogs just like to take the train.

    Hopefully this toddler grows into her legs.

    Where are those legs coming from?

    There are worse things to wake up to.

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