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Stories of an elementary school teacher.

Stories of an elementary school teacher.
I have worked as a teacher for roughly 18 years, 15 of which was in elementary as kids although a bit rowdy were pretty innocent and quirky. That said I have met my fair share of messed up kids, or kids who came from really messed up homes. But in the kids coming in from these last three years it is by far the most disturbing group of kids I have ever encountered and has made me honestly want to retire. Here are a few events that have happened so far.

So when it's lunch time children take out their lunch boxes and eat at their desk. Those who do not bring their own are escorted to the cafeteria, pick up their lunch and bring it back to the classroom. (We do this because the cafeteria was being renovated at this time). So everyone is at their desks eating and talking to friends and neighbors. Since it is pretty relaxed I decide to check the calendar for when the next staff meeting is. This is when I hear "Hey.. your not suppose to do that".  Needless to say, whenever you hear a student say this, it immediately snaps your attention to them. And what do I say,  a little girl with a window blind in one hand and a lit lighter in the other hand. I jump up and snap the lighter away and ask " *Name* why are you doing that!?"... the girl then burst into full on tantrum mode and screams in my face, "THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY F**KING CHOCOLATE PUDDING"... " Name, we do not use that kind of language."  "F**K YOU, YOU F*G!".  And she proceeded to go into full rage mode throwing whatever she could while the class looked on in shock. Eventually the school officer arrived and escorted her to the office. The parents of this wonderful angel proceeded to threaten to sue the school from publicly embarrassing their poor child.

So after the school day, it is our job as teachers to act as bus monitors, ensuring that kids get from class and onto the bus without leaving a child behind(sometimes they like to hide thinking this is a game). To help the process overall we gather the children in the lobby while waiting for the bus to park. It was at this time that a little boy came up to me and asked "Wanna hear a joke, hehe". I said okay, expecting something really cheesy, which is the norm. Nope... "Heard that a kid tried to drink a gallon of bleach to kill themselves!"  And then proceed to bust into hysterical laughter. I stopped, gave my best "I am disappointed" face and said "That, is not funny at all... That's a bad thing to say name,".  He then said "What is a joke, its funny". I responded, No its not, we're gonna go talk to the principal. We did so and waited for his parents to arrive so we could talk. (This is because this actually did happen at our high school). The parents response to this was the father walking away because he "didn't have time for thin skinned bitches". And the mother telling her son "You need to choose your words better". the aftermath of this whole event was an apology letter from the boy saying "I am sorry that I offended you with my choice of words"... that's it.

So this did not happen to me, but instead the teacher next door. Thankfully we were having a staff meeting next door at the time otherwise god knows what would of happen to my colleague. So she teaches a fifth grade class and has one boy who is "Special Needs" because he has outbursts of rage. The school wanted to place the child in a special needs classroom to help manage this but the parents fought to keep their fragile little boy in a normal class. Recently the child was brought in for his tenth outburst, this time having tackled and attacked a girl in class. So we had to bring the parents in for a meeting to try to move the child to a special needs classroom again.

While we were in the staff meeting discussing upcoming fire and security drills we heard the parents screaming at the teacher. Concerned the campus officer and phys. ed teacher went to check on the situation. Moments later we heard the campus officer yell "STOP, DROP THE KNIFE!". Yup apparently the parents had become so enraged from repeated meetings about their child's violence that they responded to the situation with... More violence. With the mother pulling a knife and demanding to leave their child alone!

Both parents were arrested and their child was brought to protective custody. No clue what happened to the family in the end, but the child never came back to the school. And my colleague was told that the child was "transferred" to another facility.
If you guys want to hear more about why I think this generation of elementary school kids are the most disturbing humans I've met in my 18 years of teaching. Please respond And I'll do a follow up post.

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