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    Want To Buy Santa's House In The North Pole? You Can Buy It From Zillow

    If you like snow and reindeer, Zillow has recently added a new listing that may interest you. It's had one owner, and it's a beautiful example of log cabin architecture. It's Santa's house, and it can all be yours.

    Welcome Home

    According to the listing, the house and grounds take up 25 snow-covered acres in the North Pole, "perfect for spirited reindeer games." The living room has a gorgeous stone fireplace and a permanent Christmas tree on display, naturally.

    Santa’s Kitchen

    It's the kitchen, however, that really sells this house. It's all wood with plenty of counter space, and most importantly of all has an oven with 12 cookie settings. There are high ceiling, bunk beds and a great home office space -- with a typewriter, not a laptop. Santa is totally old school.

    North Pole Home

    But this custom cabin in the North Pole will run you $656,957, a cool cost that is "comparable to homes in remote locations," according to Zillow. Adding to the price, of course, is "a Santa premium." After all, the house has had a famous owner.

    Spread Christmas Cheer

    How would you like to live in Santa's North Pole cabin? Share this story with your friends, and spread some holiday cheer their way.

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