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Rural African American Life In The 1930s-40s (16 Pics)

Rural African American Life In The 1930s-40s (16 Pics)
  This 1941 photograph shows workers chopping cotton on rented land in Georgia, with a young child in the background
 The pictures, taken between 1939-1941, show African American life towards the end of the Great Depression

 Despite the efforts of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union, living conditions were often deplorable
 Men relax and gather outside 'Juke Joint' in Florida, 1941
  A small child watches as women pick cotton on a plantation in Mississippi, 1939

 The pictures were taken in the South during World War II
  Marion Post Walcott took this photo of a Louisiana family in 1940
 Migratory worker's shacks in Florida, 1941
 A Louisiana dwelling of African American labourers
  Men cut Burley tobacco in Kentucky 1940 - as the Great Depression was coming to an end and World War II was underway
 Children play on the ground as clothes hang to dry in the southern sun
 Marion Post Walcott captured this moment on the Marcella plantation in Mississippi in 1939
Men and women fish in a Mississippi creek, October 1939

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