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Young faces of an old war

Young faces of an old war

Unearthed photos of the Korean War show what the three-year conflict really looked like
Up in flames: South Korean soldiers stand by as a village behind them burns to the ground

No discrimination: South Korean soldiers, like the one in this picture, arrested female communist detainees as well in hopes of preventing an uprising against the Rhee government
Downtime: American prisoners of war were released by their communist captors after the armistice and they are shown being given some relief by Red Cross workers
The Big Switch: Here the United Nations helps to supervise and facilitate an exchange of prisoners
Lighter moments: American forces enjoyed the Jack Benny Show when looking for a boost in morale
Blending in: Soldiers took cover in the natural hiding spots available in the region, like this rice field
Among the residents: Refugees  allowed groups of communists (like those on the right) to blend in seamlessly while travelling through the countryside

Soldiering on: Here South Korean soldiers are shown marching communist rebels to trial
Victory: This happy American troop packs up to leave after Kim Koo was assassinated
Looked prettier than it was: The high human cost of the war is deceived by some of the more aesthetic shots
Flying fields: The U.S. used F-86 Sabre planes, and this was the first conflict where the planes saw action 

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