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United Airlines accidentally removed Kiwi Ben Kepes' carry-on bag, leaving him stranded in San Francisco with no wallet or passport

A Kiwi is stranded in the United States with no wallet or passport after his carry-on bag was mistakenly taken off a United Airlines plane he boarded.
Ben Kepes sits in San Francisco with a dead phone, no charger, no identification or money after a United Airlines flight attendant removed his carry-on bag from under his business class seat and left it in Nashville before departure.
Kepes said it was not until his flight reached San Francisco he realised his bag was gone.
The flight attendant thought the bag was from a previous passenger and was "in tears" when she realised the mistake, he said. 
"They didn't ask if it was my bag," Kepes said.
"This was a total screw up, but the individual who made the mistake felt bad and tried to help. It's what happens thereafter that is important."
That is where he says things went more wrong, describing the customer care he received as "abysmal".
He said baggage services were disinterested and all United Airlines help merely pointed to an online claim form for delayed baggage. 
There was no compensation for his delayed essential belongings, which were more than four hours away.
"[It] was a mistake, and these things happen, but their customer service post that event is what is really abysmal - it's the putting right that counts and they're not doing that to any great degree."
Kepes' belongings were found and would be on their way to San Francisco on Wednesday (US time). 
"But [United] didn't even suggest the possibility of getting [my bag] to me - I am expected to go down there to collect it."
Kepes, who lives in Canterbury, went to the US for business and pre-booked hotel room and prearranged car to collect him.
He expected to fly back to New Zealand on Wednesday night, but was unsure with his delayed passport and essentials.
"They should have done better I reckon."
United Airlines has been contacted for comment.
The airline has been under fire this year after a passenger was forcefully dragged off a flight so a crew member could have his seat.
Another United Airlines incident saw a woman endure a 28-hour flight after boarding the wrong flight.

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