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    Gym Has a Few Common Types of People (25 pics)

    The person who takes on way more than they can handle 
    The person who doesnt re-rack things properly
    The one who is seriously endangering others
    The person who gets way too into their music..
    The person getting too creative with the machines
    The woman getting some squats in before clubbing
    The people who live vicariously through other athletes
    The person whos not really there to focus on the workout
    The person who came ill-prepared...
    That Guy
    The person training for the big leagues
    The person who really just needs to go home
    The person who cant work out without updating their status to prove it
    The person that cant work out without taking a selfie to prove it
    The person who sucks at spotting
    The person who is always there. Always
    The person who constantly needs a paramedic at the ready
    The person who REALLY believes in leg day
    The person who needs a bit of extra motivation
    The person who is ALL about teamwork
    The person whos just there to show off some skin
    The person who believes in instant rewards
    The person who refuses to ask for help
    The bros who go way too hard
    Please, just go home...

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