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    Hilarious Collage Illustrations by Melissa Grimes (16 Pics)

    Melissa Grimes is a professional artist and illustrator in Austin, Texas, USA. She lives in a very old house full of her collections of vintage ephemera: old books, magazines, toys and old printed matter of all kinds. See some of “greatest hits” of her work below.

     Collage illustration of a Teenage Dream Car for Campus Voice

     Summer menu collage illustration for Bennigan’s Restaurants

     Collage illustration for Texas Monthly Magazine about the dominance of big brewing companies over small craft breweries in Texas

     Collage for a Mother Jones Magazine story on the future of the military-industrial complex

     “The Stranger Wore Pink”, collage illustration for a paper company brochure in the shape of an old-fashioned Wurlitzer jukebox

     “Battle of the Bubbles”, collage illustration for Texas Monthly Magazine about a Texas bottled water brand competing with Perrier

     Collage illustration for Memorial Hermann Hospitals about choosing contact lenses

     Birth of the Microwave Oven collage for The Discovery Channel magazine

     Collage illustration for D Magazine about the new arts district in downtown Dallas

     Cover collage illustration for Johns Hopkins Magazine about fixing childhood facial deformities

     Collage book cover for NAV Press about changing gender roles in modern times

     Illustration of New York City for a commercial real estate company

     “The Insatiable Student”,  collage illustration for Rice University’s Continuing Education program

     Happy Family collage illustration for a Canadian home developer

     Collage illustration of a handy kitchen helper for a Strathmore Paper Company brochure

    “Seriously Nutty!” Mr. Tom candy wrapper, collage illustration for Wickens Tutt Southgate Design (UK)

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