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Inspired Ideas That are Helping to Solve World Issues (12 pics)

Inspired Ideas That are Helping to Solve World Issues (12 pics)
The WaterWheel. Rolling water instead of carrying means fewer trips, fewer health consequences, allowing for more time to spend on education and activities.
The Gravity Light. A realistic alternative to Kerosene lamps by harnessing the power of gravity.
Dry Composting Toilet. The solid and liquid waste are separated, both being used to nourish adjacent gardens. The latrine will be odorless and non-polluting, while producing free organic fertilizer.
EMAS-Flexi Hand-operated Water Pump. The pump uses readily available components - PVC pipes, galvanized iron pipe, thread adapters and two glass marbles - and can be assembled quickly and easily.
Rocket Stove. Efficient design that harnesses the properties of heat and combustion to create a clean and hot burn using half as much fuel as conventional means.
Self-adjustable Glasses. These low-cost glasses eliminate the need to visit an optometrist. you just add or subtract a silicon oil sandwiched in the middle of the lens until things look clear, a process that usually takes no more than a couple of minutes.
Zeer Pot Fridge. The refrigerator consists of one earthenware pot nestled inside a second larger pot, with a layer of sand in between. It works by evaporative cooling.
Solar Bottle Light. Innovation to solve the unending problems with regards to power shortage in the Philippines.
This billboard draws humidity from the air and turns it into clean drinking water.
low Public Light. A bamboo-made, self maintaining public lighting system, which operates on the principle of vertical wind turbine.
Solar Cooker. In Mexico 95% of rural households cook with wood fires. Wood smoke contains toxins that cause many health problems. Solar Cookers concentrate the sun's energy to slow-cook food.
The LifeStraw. A simple water filter that cleans the water as it is sucked up from the polluted source. The LifeStraw is small enough to be easily carried and can be shared by family and friends.

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