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    The Strangest Inventions Known To Man (24 pics)

    It's hard to believe that these things even exist.
    18th Century Witches Chair, a torture device intending to cause death by blood loss

    17th century poison cabinet 

    Victorian post-mortem photography 

    1850 antique bloodletting fleams 

    Early 1900s Mummy Head Carnival Side Show Tent Prop

    Norton Motorcycle and side coffin at the Norfolk Rural Life Museum. Possibly the oldest motorcycle hearse 

    In London Post Office rules stated that game, including rabbits, could be posted with nothing but a neck label as long as "no liquid is likely to exude" 1938 

    Great Sale of Slaves..look at the descriptions of each slave 

    Artificial toe discovered in 2000 in the tomb of Tabeketenmut in the necropolis of Thebes, near Luxor. The wood and leather device is hinged for comfort and believed to be the oldest functioning prosthesis ever found

    Early 19th century french vampire hunting kit
    Medical bone saws

    Artificial left arm, Europe, 1850-1910

    Victorian morphine set

    Mary Magdalene in the basilica crypt of St. Maximinin la Saint Baume in France

    Spring-Loaded Penis in a Box, 19th century
    Heads and baby arms in the Mutter Museum, Philadelphia
    Two Anatomical Models, 17th Century

    Old medical poster

    Vintage freak show

    Papier Mache gynecological model created byDr Louis Auzoux c 1880
    Vintage halloween costume

    Victorian era caged grave believed to keep the dead from escaping their tomb, in case if they should return as a vampire. 

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