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    There Is No Going Back Once You’ve Seen These Things (19 pics)

    A major social media site’s logo is strangely similar to a street sign. 

    A famous actress you’re probably crushing on actually looks exactly like evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins.
    If you flip the logo of one of the NBA’s most legendary teams, it looks like a robot reading a book.
    One of your favorite rappers looks disturbingly like the Big Worm from Men in Black.
    There is actually an “i” in “team.”
    Part of ESPN’s logo looks eerily like a character from Star Wars.
    Star Wars characters are all over Facebook too.
    Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Die Hard franchise have something shockingly in common.
    A Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece is reminiscent of a silly internet meme.
    One of the world’s biggest movie stars has an asymmetrical face.
    A major politician of the last 10 years is twinsies with the mayor of Who-ville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
    There’s a giant dong on one of the world’s most used coins.
    One of your favorite NBC sitcom characters looks uncannily like a young Newt Gingrich.

    There’s a random girl who looks exactly like a major YA movie series’ male star.
    Impressively muscular body-builder dudes are actually hilarious looking.
    A movie star you probably think of as super cool isn’t as cool as you think.
    An internet browser’s icon is almost exactly like a classic ’80s game.
    One of the world’s most beautiful women and one of its most handsome men would be indistinguishable if they both had beards.
    The “&” symbol looks like a man doing something unusual.
    An Academy Award-winning sex symbol looked alarmingly like “Friday” singer Rebecca Black when she was younger.

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