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Things That Are Just So American (24 pics )

Things That Are Just So American (24 pics )

Our protector-in-chief taking one for the team: 

How harry potter would’ve ended in america: 

Hulk hogan giving the soviet flag a head sandwich: 

Sleeping like this every single night:
This fact:
The only ice cream worth eating. 50 scoops, please:
Prime numbers. Prime numbers have always been and will always be american:
The american calendar:
This beautiful instance of divine autocorrect intervention:
This graph bleeds america. 12-0:
This essay word count. Why would you write anything less patriotic:
Feeding the children:

The perfect bedtime story aka a dramatic retelling of the classic film the patriot:
The children learning what they need to learn:
Remembering 1776:
The only joke that matters:
This gorgeous flag made out of america’s number one export:
An australian learning what america is all about:
Always being at the top of the alphabetical list of countries. That’s american as hell:
This list straight from korean students learning english abroad:
Ol’ tommy j writing the greatest breakup letter ever:
The buy one, get one free of a lifetime:
Colbert demonstrating what america’s greatest gift is:
Our kitchen cabinet is a large body of water:
Disease doesn’t exist in america:
The only rating scale with which you can properly rate america:
Using the right form of “they’re.” Doesn’t get much more american than that:

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