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    Great Ways to Get Revenge on Any Douchebag Ever (23 pics)

    Keep them right where they are
    Make them pick on someone their own size

    Play a little game 

    Give them a sweet surprise
    Always be one step ahead
    Give them a wake-up call
    Make their life difficult (but not impossible)
    Use the power of words
    Tell the world about their wrongdoings
    Serve it cold
    Team up against them
    Use social media to your advantage
    Poison---I mean, supplement them
    Take the things they love most
    Get the law involved
    Profit from their errors
    One-up their assholery
    But everyone knows that the best form of revenge is living well.
    Just kidding. It's poop.
    Send them a card
    Take away what they want most
    Blackmail them
    Put your success right in their face
    Get your friends involved
    Break their heart

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