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    Vyacheslav Short – absolutely lonely man, though by his own will. He is a professional polar explorer, expert meteorologist who works at the North Pole.
    The last thirty years, he traveled to the Arctic ships and sometimes stayed in Khodovarikha, once the former village on the coast of the Barents Sea, and now has become semi-abandoned lighthouse. In the village of Vyacheslav regularly conducted meteorological measurements.
    In Short has a wife, but she lives far away from his main place of work – in Arkhangelsk. Vyacheslav 63 years, children have with my wife does not.
    Photographer Eugene Arbugaeva, who grew up in the town of Tiksi, on the instructions of The New Yorker has been a guest at the polar and made some great pictures of his work and life.
    « World Cities alien to him, he does not crush. I thought that Vyacheslav escaped from the world for some reason can, on some issues or some tragedy. But it is not so. He never lonely here in the tundra. He is always with the wind, along with the weather, which is studying, « – says Eugene.

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