Friday, 18 August 2017

This Guy Spent the Last 40 Years Building His Own Human-Powered Theme Park

It began on June 15, 1969 with two jugs of wine, a bag of sausages and a grill. Two guys walked by and asked, “what is this?” Bruno replied, “it’s a restaurant”, and Ai Pioppi was born. Located in Battaglia, Italy, the family run restaurant still operates to this day, some 45 years later.
As a way to attract more customers, Bruno began to build rides (by hand) like: swings, slides, seesaws, gyroscopes and roller coasters. A passionate builder, Bruno hoped the rides would attract families and provide a memorable experience for the kids, who would in turn encourage their parents to return.
The result was an incredible human-powered theme park that looks as dangerous as it does fun. In the award-winning 11-minute documentary below, we get a glimpse into this wild and crazy place thtat you have to see to believe.

Tom Scott Rides the “Bicycle of Death”


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