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    DIY Anglerfish mask for Halloween

    LED Paper Mache Anglerfish Mask for Halloween! Step by step below.

    Finished result first

    Started with a 16-in balloon and sketched a plan
    8 layers of paper mache, alternating heavy kraft paper with newsprint, took about a week to make sure it was all dry.
    Made teeth by wrapping florists wire with masking tape and paper mache
    Tail structure: cardboard and fin bones (made same way as the teeth)
    Attached fins and cut gills
    used paper mache clay to build up details. Ping pong ball eyes

    cutting holes for LEDs along spine. I used a string of 30 battery operated LEDs
    attached LED string and separate battery pack for the light in the angler
    For the angler i used a single LED and attatched longer wire so it would fit in the piece of rubber tubing used for the angler
    close up of dorsal fin detail

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