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    Making a natural trumpet by hand (75 Pics)

    What we started with - 5 pieces of brass
    Hammering the tubes closed on the steel mandrel
    Using a tiny hammer to close up all the holes in the tubes
    Soldering the tubes closed
    Pulling the tubes through a special machine that makes the tubes the exact diameter needed
    Sanding, polishing and scraping the tubes to finish them off

    A rare treat - we got to see an original 1719 trumpet that was brought into the workshop to be analyzed and cleaned up by the experts

    Annealing the brass to make it easier to work with
    Filing down the sides of the bell so they fit together better
    Cutting the teeth on the bell
    Bending each tooth to facilitate the putting-together part
    "zipping up" the bell

    All zipped up, pre-soldering


    Soldering the garland

    Sanding/polishing the ball sleeve on the mandrel

    Primary workshop

    Bell hammering day!
    Hammering the bell: Step 1 - hammer on the anvil (after annealing it to soften it up)
    Step 2 - gently take out some dents on the bell mandrel, being careful to not dent the bell more

    Step 3 - annealing the bell again...
    Step 4 - back on the mandrel to burnish with that big steel rod (burnishing = running the burnisher along the bell to smooth it out some more...quite a process)

    Then back to step 1...and keep repeating until the bell takes shape

    Filing down the solder
    More burnishing...
    After some polishing
    More polishing...

    Burnishing the garland

    Soft-soldering on the wire on the garland
    Cutting the tube for the bows (the bendy parts) in half
    Annealing the tubes
    Filling the tubes with a metal alloy called Cerrobend. The metal inside allows the tubes to be bent into shape without ruining them, and the Cerrobend has a very low melting temperature so it is easy to melt out in hot water once the tubes are bent.
    Starting to bend the tube...

    Burnishing the bows

    Cutting the teeth on the garland
    Stamping some decorations on the garland
    Filing down the teeth for even more decoration
    Squeezing one end of the tubes and expanding the other so they fit into each other effortlessly
    Adding some decoration to the ball and sleeve
    Coming together!

    Starting to look like a trumpet!

    Fancy ferrules where the tubes meet each other
    All done!

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