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Parenting Is A Balancing Act And Multitasking (12 pics)

Parenting Is A Balancing Act And Multitasking (12 pics)

It is already difficult when you have one newborn, so when you have two at once it is quite a multitasking. Especially when it comes to feeding them.

Constance Hall posted this photo on Facebook with the caption: “Found this flashback pic of my incredible multitasking skills.”
Little did she know, this picture of her impressive balancing skills would inspire thousands of other parents to share their photos as well.

Receiving over 21,000 “likes” on Facebook, Constance’s post inspired mothers like this to show off their skills.
Here, this hardworking mom was able to bottle-feed one baby while playing with and balancing the other on her lap.

This mom certainly thought outside-the-box to keep her hands free for other parenting and life duties.

Some moms even got their older kids in on the act to help out!

This mother shows how easily a warm blanket can double as a bottle holder.

And if you find just the right-size bottle, you can feed two babies at once using only one hand, like this mom.

Even a purse is great for balancing a bottle, freeing you up for a few precious moments of the day.

A cushy teddy bear was this mom’s solution to mastering mealtime for her babies.

Even a tiny rolled-up towel made for a mother-friendly solution to balancing all of the day’s parenting and non-parenting tasks.

Some mothers have even come up with clever ways to transform a regular bottle into a baby-friendly straw.

And when all else fails, you can enlist siblings to lend each other a hand in the feeding process.

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