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Psychiatric Syndromes That Are Really Unusual (20 Pics)

Psychiatric Syndromes That Are Really Unusual (20 Pics)
1. Cotard’s Syndrome / “Walking Corpse Syndrome”
Graham is one of the handful people to believe that he is dead. He believes that he had killed his own brain after attempting suicide by electrocuting himself in a bath tub.
“I just felt like my brain didn’t exist any more. I kept on telling the doctors that the tablets weren’t going to do me any good because I didn’t have a brain. I’d fried it in the bath.” – Graham

2. Stockholm Syndrome
At the age of 19, Patty Hearst was kidnapped by Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). After 2 months of being held hostage, she was discovered participating in a bank robbery in San Fransisco. She voiced commitment to the group on a tape that was released, but after she was arrested with the SLA, she changed her mind and told them it was merely for survival.

3. Paris Syndrome
Paris Syndrome is a culture shock syndrome that effects the Japanese tourists the most. It was identified by a Japanese psychiatrist working in France named Hiroaki Ota. Victims of Paris Syndrome often suffer hallucinations, anxiety, and panic attacks.

4. Alien Hand Syndrome
AHS was first detected in 1909 and has only 50 recorded cases since. The syndrome is when the hand seems to have ‘a mind of its own’ after a traumatizing event to the brain such as a stroke.

5. Visual Agnosia
This form of Agnosia is the disability to not name or tell the use of an object. According to Healthline.com “Visual agnosia occurs when there is brain damage along the pathways that connect the occipital lobe of the brain with the parietal and temporal lobes.” Picture above is a visual test for visual agnosia.

6. Stendhal Syndrome
Stendhal Syndrome is where one becomes dizzy and start to hallucinate then possibly faint when they are around artwork they admire. The syndrome is named after a 19th century French author whom went to visit Renaissance pieces in 1817 and was so overwhelmed by the experience he had this to say:
“As I emerged from the porch of Santa Croce, I was seized with a fierce palpitation of the heart; the wellspring of life was dried up within me, and I walked in constant fear of falling to the ground,”

7. Capgras Syndrome
Capgras Syndrome was named after a French psychiatrist. This is the syndrome of “seeing double” or believing someone that someone or yourself (and occasionally items and pets) is an imposter and that someone is disguised as them.This is typically from dementia and schizophrenic patients.

8. Fugue State
Those effected by Fugue State often go off on a short and unexpected travel, while acquiring a new identity and then come back never remembering what had happened. The causes are often severe stress, trauma, and alcohol abuse.

9. Mary Hart Syndrome
Mary Hart Syndrome is an odd case of getting seizures after listening to the sound of her voice. This case started in 1989 and was studied in 1991 by Dr. Venkat Ramani after performing a field test on a woman. She claimed to feel dizziness, stomach aches, and loss of vision. These seizures lasted for around 30 seconds.

10. Boanthropy
An individual with boanthropy will come to the conclusion that they are a cow. A common and different form of this lycanthropy, where an individual believes that they are a wolf.

11. Autophagia
Autophagia is the sudden craving to eat parts of your own body. This is occasionally a response to hunger or to dispose of old/dead cells from the body. A common form of this is biting your finger nails.

12. Pica
This is an eating disorder of eating non-edible objects. This behavior is often common in children, especially those within 1-6 years of age. Pictured above is the stomach contents of a patient with pica.

13. Depersonalization disorder
A feeling of disconnection from the body is depersonalization disorder. The feeling is described like watching yourself from the perspective of a video game or a movie. This disorder is apart of a group called dissociative disorders-disorders that breakdown memory, awareness, identity.

14. M√ľnchausen syndrome
This a mental illness when a person dramatizes symptoms of an illness which end up causing that sickness in the first place. Most cases of this syndrome are often physical with things such as stomach problems and chest pains.

15. Todd’s syndrome
This illness is called the “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome”. Those with this will often have distorted vision and think that their body parts or objects are growing or see things the wrong size and shape.

16. Hyperinflation Syndrome
After WW1, when the German mark had lost it’s value, it took around 8000 to equal the value of a US Dollar. Something as simple as bread would was valued in the billions and the cashiers and bankers that dealt with writing down all the zeros eventually grew dizzy and great confusion.
Besides a compulsion to write endless strings of zeros, individuals that suffered from this condition would reportedly become confused when referring to numbers and would state that they were ten billion years old or had forty trillion children – Wikipedia

17. Brain Fag Syndrome
Brian Fag (which is short for fatigue) is a neurotic disorder that was found in Africa. The symptoms are often weight loss, headaches, blurred vision, etc. It is often caused by stress in the work place.

18. Lima Syndrome
Lima Syndrome is the opposite of Stockholm’s syndrome. This syndrome was named after Lima, Peru when on the 17th of December in 1996 when a Japanese Ambassador was taken hostage along with many others. After a few days, the captors released the victims.

19. Diogenes Syndrome
This a syndrome that has to do with extreme neglect. Those diagnose are often hoarders and do not care for their physical appearance. This syndrome is common amongst the elderly.

20. Amputee Identity Disorder
This syndrome is also known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder(BIID). The woman picture above is named Chloe Jennings-White and she was diagnosed with BIID. In interviews, she often tells of how she fantasized about being paraplegic and has even attempted to disable her in accidents.

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