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32 Freaky Times The World Was Creepy In The Worst Ways Imaginable

32 Freaky Times The World Was Creepy In The Worst Ways Imaginable
There's something about the creepy, the unexplained, and the downright unsettling that people love. And we're happy to provide people with the nightmare fuel that keeps them up at night (because, hey, it's fun to be creeped out).

To further feed your need for creepiness, here are a few disturbing discoveries normal people (just like you) ran across in their daily lives...

1. This sign is for when "No Trespassing" doesn't instill quite enough terror.

2. The weird masked neighbor who only comes out at night and always drops by uninvited. 

3. Imagine hearing something crawl out of this in the dark. We need some drywall, stat! 

4. Valeria Lukyanova? Is that you?

5. Obviously, when you're selling your house, you want to show people the best pictures possible.

6. These mysterious figures were known only as the "final exam frights."

7. Speaking of dolls, sights like this one almost become mundane when you live with doll-selling parents. Almost. 

8. Even at a relatively young age, Delilah was already plotting how to make sure the inheritance was all hers.
9. Photos like this one make ordinary things seem so much creepier.
10. "No, my design will totally catch on. I mean, who wouldn't want shoes like this?"
11. These life-size bunny statues are made from household detritus like dust, old pine needles, and anything else that comes out of the vacuum bag.
12. Living in a slum in Cuba means having a lot of makeshift architecture, including this staircase. Unfortunately, it looks like something right out of a Tim Burton set.
13. Sometimes, you have no one to blame for the creeps but yourself, like when you decide to dabble in doll making as a child.
14. A normal walk in the woods becomes considerably less normal when you find something like this.
15. The drought in California has dried up lakes, exposing forgotten things at the bottom. There's nothing creepier than climate change!
16. It's always nice to see young people engaged in wholesome activities.
17. A rundown motel called Welcome to Paradise, complete with creepy sketches of the same face? Well, I know where my next vacation will be!
18. This piggy is made of marzipan, so while it's not as creepy as it could be, it's still pretty creepy.
19. A hiker found this in the woods. Each cross has quarters placed on it.

If you spend a night at the Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV, you might make the acquaintance of this lady.

21. We know how much you love scary Easter bunnies, but what about an army of them marching through the streets and getting drunk?
 It wasn't me."

Kevin Reaves, wherever you are, we hope it's far away from this person. To make it even better, this was written in the back of a Bible.
Look closely to see what's happening here. You will soon wish you hadn't.
This was spotted in a muddy river amid the garbage. Probably just an old mannequin...right?
A camera tampering alert was received. This was the image that caused it.
This abandoned train station in Athens, Greece, is eerie, but also beautiful.
I never would have thought of this as a threatening question before.
We don't know what this is, but we don't like it.
One person found that their house was built over that well in The Ring.
"No, nothing's wrong with our town. We have a totally thriving tourist industry."
Yeah, that's totally what you want to find in the woods behind your house.

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