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    A Camper Van Hideout For The Winter (25 Pics)

    In Yukon, Canada, these people insulated their camper van with hay and spent the winter living inside. It looks quite cosy and rustic.

    First he had to select a nice level clear place to park

    And the vision and planning for survival begin

    Realizing he didn't want the straw to tip over, Cud used pallets for a steady base

    Some custom fabrication

    Custom pipes with extra extra insulator pipe where the straw will be

    The makings of home

    Preparations:  Enough fuel to get through the hateful winter

    Stockpile of insulation has been secured, and the stacking begins!

    The day a van became a strawbale home

    The ... Cold... Invisible... Outhouse... At least you'll be heard when you yell for toilet paper

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