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    Created Equal Photographer Explores Social Inequality In America (21 Pics)

    Detroit-born photographer Mark Laita questions what it is in life that puts people, who were born equal, to follow completely different paths. His album Created Equal is a a study of social and cultural clashes, as well as the influence of different background, schooling and upbringing. All diptychs in the book compare two people, who have some kind of a connection that ends up being the biggest contrast between them: for example, out-laws are put next to policemen, school drop-outs next to college graduates, and Amish teens are paired with punk teenagers. 

    Company President / Janitor

    Marine / War Veteran
    Baptist Minister / Ku Klux Klan
    Homeless Man / Real Estate Developer
    Gang Member / Mafioso

    Astronaut / Alien Abductee
    French Chef / Short Order Cook
    Amish Teenagers / Punk Teenagers

    Cowboy / Indian

    Coal Miners / Male Exotic Dancers
    Vegetarian / Butcher, 1999 / 2004
    CEO / Messenger, 2006 / 2005
    College Graduate / High School Dropout
    Indigent Couple / Wealthy Couple

    Rock Band / Polka Band, 2006 / 2006
     Ballerina / Trucker

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