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    Historical Artefacts That Are The Oldest Of Their Type (19 Pics)

    Oldest Known Trousers - 3000 years old. 
    Oldest Known Photograph of a Tornado - August 28, 1884.
    Oldest Known Photograph of a US President - 1843.
    Oldest Known Picture of a Sneeze - 1902.
    Oldest Known U.S. Made Motorcycle - 1903 Indian.
    Oldest Known Photograph Showing a Living Person (the two men near the bottom left corner, one apparently having his boots polished by the other, stayed in one place long enough to be visible.) - 1838.

    Oldest Known Selfie - Robert Cornelius, 1839.
    Oldest Known Photo of New York - 1848. (The road in the foreground became Broadway in 1899.)

    Oldest Known Mask Ever Discovered - Estimated to be 9,000 years old.

    Oldest Known Cave Art - Along northern Spain's Cantabrian Sea coast, the cave called El Castillo has the oldest known paintings at more than 40,800 years old.

    Oldest Known Living Bonsai Tree - Titled "Third Shogun" This White Pine is 550 years old.

    Oldest Known Emoticons - 1881.

    Oldest Known Tree - Old Tjikko, Sweden. Sprouted during the last Ice Age, roughly 9,550 years ago.

    Oldest Known Chewing Gum - 5,000 years old. Found in Finland, made from birch bark tar, had tooth prints in it.
    Oldest Known Shoe - 5,500 years old.
    Oldest Known Musical Intrument - Scientists used carbon dating to show the flutes were between 42,000 and 43,000 years old.
    Oldest Known Artificial Eye - 4,800 years old.

    Oldest Known Photograph of Lightning - William Jennings' September 2, 1882.


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