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History Books Forgot To Include These Awesomely Bizarre Photos From Past Decades

History Books Forgot To Include These Awesomely Bizarre Photos From Past Decades
Think that being "cool" is a new concept? It's not. At all. Even before people started saying "cool" in the 1920s, people were able to embody coolness. We can look back a hundred years or more and easily say, "That person looks pretty cool."

What's also cool is the fact that we have technology that lets us share these antique images, spreading the coolness to all four corners of the globe.

1. 1875: Getting tattoos with meanings, especially nefarious ones.

At this time, tattoos were associated with the criminal underworld. That's a little less than awesome, but the craftsmanship on these is the definition of cool.

2. 1890s: Being a proper Victorian lady but still being able to kick butt.

We don't really understand how loose hair and huge nightgowns were considered proper boxing attire, though.

3. 1902: Having the artsy, Romantic poet look down.

Eat your heart out, festival fashion.

4. 1911: Knowing how to host a gun show.

Sweet, brah.

1920s: Having the correct level of cool to come to this garden party.
Leaning-on-the-doorframe stance activated.

7. 1921: Proving that psychological studies don't have to affect your cool.

Hermann Rorschach, inventor of the eponymous inkblot test.

8. 1924: Knowing how to be totally stylish for your wedding.

Eat your heart out, Pinterest.

9. 1925: Riding bikes while looking flapper-chic.

Nancy and Betty Debenham were well-known motorcyclists in the 1920s. Here, they're taking their dog for a spin.

10. 1930s: F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald were cooler than you then, and they're cooler than you now.

Less cool: raging alcoholism.

11. 1930: Operating cameras while looking suave.

Looking this good while working is pretty dang cool.

12. 1936: Two words: motorcycle chariot.

Yeah, it's probably a terrible idea, but do you care?

13. 1940s: Knowing that rain boots can actually look really stylish.

They go with everything.

14. 1940s: Taking "jazz cat" to new levels.

He's a tough critic, though.

15. 1950s: Not being able to not be dapper.

He's like, "I'm not even doing it on purpose. I am actually this dapper."

16. 1950s: Proving you don't have to be a dude to be tough.

Teen rebellion at its coolest.

17. 1950: Really feeling the music and not caring who knows it.

Look, no one can dance if they're self-conscious.

18. 1958: Showing up pretty much every action star ever.

Safety is cool, too, so he knows to wear ear protection.

19. 1959: Surfing in style.

We're not sure about the towel, but that bathing suit is pretty great.

20. 1960s: Rocking in the garage.

Extra points for those shiny boots!

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