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These 20 Photos Are Heartbreaking Evidence Of The Consequences Of Pollution

These 20 Photos Are Heartbreaking Evidence Of The Consequences Of Pollution
Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, humanity has struggled with the deadly issue of pollution. While we've come pretty far in terms of preserving our planet, serious levels of pollution (especially industrial pollution) are still destroying vast areas of the globe.

The face of the modern-day pollution problem is China, but numerous developing nations in Asia and Africa aren't far behind. That does not mean that the Western world doesn't cause its fair share of pollution problems, though. These photos from around the world show the global face of pollution...and it's not pretty.

1. The result of an oil spill in the Black Sea.

2. The air pollution in Singapore on a regaular day.

3. A sewage pipe dumping waste into the Yellow Sea.

4. Air pollution in Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

5. Industrial discharge in the Yangtze River in China.

6. Trash down by the river.

7. Floating trash in London.

8. Chemical wastewater being pumped into the Yangtze River in China.

9. Now this is just surreal...

10. ...and this is completely tragic.

11. This picture was taken in the afternoon.

12. Selfies with surgical masks.

13. It's hard to escape plastic pollution.

14. A reservoir in China that turned blood red because of pollution.

15. This breaks my heart.

16. A dirty power plant.

17. Chinese villager washing clothes in a contaminated river.

18. Nature is slowly being ruined.

19. The smog over London on a summer day.

20. Trash from climbers on Mount Everest.

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