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25 Time Saving, Clever Inventions Will Help You Save Time

25 Time Saving, Clever Inventions Will Help You Save Time
1. A cushioned carabiner that can be used to carry multiple bags while shopping.

2. Rechargeable batteries that charge using a USB port. Great idea!

3. A book holder that holds your pages back. This would be very convenient while reading and eating at the same time.

4. The one handed bottle opener.

5. A heated butter knife that helps slice through cold butter easily.

6. This BioLite camping stove uses the heat from the wood to create energy that can be used with a USB port.

7. I definitely could have used this during the warmer months. A cooler that has a radio, a phone charger, and a blender!

8. An easy to clean hair brush.

9. The Blubber Cover allows you to cover up odd-shaped foods to help them last longer.

10. Opens bottles and stores the bottle caps for you!

11. With this highlighter, it stores the words you are highlighting then uploads them to your computer.

12. Avoid temptation and keep roommates out with this ice cream lock.

13. This could be dangerous! I would take it everywhere.

14. With Lockitron, you can lock your door using a smart phone.

15. Have a hard time cutting onions without them sliding all over? Well this tool would definitely help!

16. Cut down on cooking time by cooking pancakes and eggs all in the same pan.

17. These 5-blade adjustable scissors are great when you need to cut multiple things but quickly. Also great for cutting fresh herbs.

18. Never lose your favorite knife again and save space with this knife block.

19. The ScrapTrap can attach to the edge of any counter, so you can quickly sweep scraps aside without making a mess.

20. Silicone oven rack edges is such a great idea. They’re cool to the touch so you don’t burn your hands.

21. Solar powered tent! It would be so amazing to camp in this!

22. This will help avoid late night messes for sure! Plus it’s fun.

23. This water bottle has a spot for cards, money, and car keys. This is great!

24. I could have used this many times. I need a wine glass sippy cup.

25. I hate when there is hair and dust stuck on the broom, but this dustpan helps get everything into the pan.

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