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    A Tree Bar Inside A 6000 Year Old Tree

    This incredible Baobab tree has a massive circumference of 47 meters.

    The height of this tree reaches over 19 meters too.

    But the most incredible part of this tree, is what lies on the inside.

    It is a fun tree bar. The bar’s website states, “When baobabs become a thousand years old, they begin to hollow inside. In the Big Baobab this has resulted in wonderful caverns and caves, where the world famous Baobab Tree Bar now amazes visitors.“

    But don’t worry, this bar didn’t ruin the tree, it was already naturally hollow on the inside.

    The small pub inside the tree was created in 1933.

    The bar has 13-foot high ceilings and can comfortably fit 15 people inside.

    Besides its remarkable dimensions, this baobab tree is also one of the oldest trees on earth. Carbon dating has estimated it to be around 6,000 years old. What an incredible sight to see 

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