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Abandoned Water Park Has Been Reclaimed By Nature

Abandoned Water Park Has Been Reclaimed By Nature
Welcome to the Ho Thuy Tien Water Park. It was built by a local Vietnamese tourism company in 2004. 
The park was never fully completed however. It has sat in decay for over a decade.

The park was actually opened in a half completed state. That may explain why it never got the business the developers thought.

Instead of happy families spending quality time on these attractions, palm trees grow in between the spirals of the slides.

Nature is slowly retaking every part of this park. It really does give a different form of beauty.

This bridge looks like it could be straight out of a story book. The jungle surrounding the park is an amazing back drop for what was meant to be a watery oasis.

The pool is no longer a clear tropical blue that you would want in a water park. Instead they are filled with murky algae infested water, and something much more deadly as well.

Until recently, one of the pools was home to 3 abandoned Crocodiles.

After travelers wrote to PETA and the World Wildlife Foundation, the Vietnamese government moved the Crocodiles to a wildlife refuge in Northern Vietnam.

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