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    Handmade Knives And Leather Sheaths For Knives (87 Pics)

    The Finished Product

    Here are the two knives, finished!

    Raw Steel

    O1 Tool steel, 36", 5/32" thick, 1-1/4" wide.

    Damascus Billet

    Preparing the design

    Rough cutting the profile with a hacksaw

    Fully contoured Damascus knife

    Filing jig.

    Clamp it down with the angle you want, and get to grinding. This can take awhile and gets tiring but it's hard to mess up and gets you a very nice looking plunge line.

    Soup Can Forge. MAP gas torch, a normal soup can and a 50/50 mix of plaster of paris and sand mixed with water until it got a clay like consistency and formed inside the can.
    Heat treating.
    Here the blade is beginning to heat up nicely.

    Leather Sheaths for  Knives

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