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    Informative Graphs That Capture A Few World Facts (20 Pics)

    U.S. Drug Control Spending Versus U.S. Drug Addiction Rate: 1970-2010 
    Countries with high-speed broadband comparison between download speed & monthly price

    How various sports fans vote

    This Chart Shows Where People Want to Be Touched

    Number of mandatory employment leave per year around the world

    A comparison of professional athlete arrest rates by league, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and MMA

    62% of Americans Have Under $1,000 in Savings, Survey Finds

    A vizualization of the average NFL game broadcast

    U.S. income taxes over time

    Popularity of the name “Adolf” in the U.S.

    Show vs Finale rating

    How are Muslims & Jews viewed around the world?

    Most Male-Oriented & Female-Oriented Dating Profile Words

    Average age at first sexual encounter around the world

    How relationships have started over the last thirty years

    Where and when UFOs come from

    How much of a house (in square feet) can be bought with $1 million in major US cities

    Most common words and phrases that distinguish females and males in Facebook status updates

    Reception of seasons and episodes of The Simpsons, 1989 – Present

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