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Sunken Forest In Kazakhstan Hides The Puzzling Story

Sunken Forest In Kazakhstan Hides The Puzzling Story
Lake Kaindy is the 400 meters long (1300 ft.) lake located in Kazakhstan’s Tian Shan Mountains. Would look like an ordinary lake, however dried out treetops, protruding from crystal water, testify the puzzling story this lake is hiding. In order to find out what has happened here, we have to go back in 1911.

In 1911, Kazakhstan was hit by Kebin, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake, which triggered massive landslides and caused vast changes in geological structures around this region. In the location of former forest, large landslides blocked gorge and formed a natural dam which suspended rainwater coming from the mountains and thus formed the Lake Kaindy.

Located more than 2,000 meters above the sea level, Lake Kaindy is so cold, that even in the summer a temperature of the water doesn’t exceed 6 celsius degrees (42,8 °F). A coldness of the water literally preserved drowned trees. Great pines still remain on the trees underwater, yet after more than a hundred years.

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