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This Grandpa Built A 3 Story Treehouse For His Grandkids

This Grandpa Built A 3 Story Treehouse For His Grandkids
This is the treehouse that Jay Hewitt built for his grandchildren. Even before they were born, he knew this was something he wanted to do for them. This is definitely one of the most elaborate tree houses I have ever seen. This thing is 3 stories tall!

Jay is an experienced contractor and handyman. He did all this incredible work himself. From the looks of it, he did not cut any corners either. How could you though when you know your grandchildren are going to be playing in this thing.

This 3 story treehouse looks like really solid construction and seems to have everything a kid could want!

Jay's grandchildren are Jacob and Kayla. Jacob is 5 years old and Kayla is 4. They are the almost the perfect age to start enjoying something like this.

"You've never seen a treehouse like the one I am going to build for them," he recalls telling his family. Well it's safe to say he accomplished his goal and then some with this 3 story treehouse.

The stairs leading to the upper levels of the treehouse are fashioned from actually Birch Trees from the property. This gives the treehouse a very authentic feel of belonging in the woods. No detail was overlooked when designing this incredible treehouse.

This structure is so big that Jay actually designed it around two whole trees. I love how he was able to incorporate a look that makes the tree one with the house. It looks like the whole structure naturally grew from the tree.

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