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This Guys Hobby Is Urban Exploration, This Is What He Found

This Guys Hobby Is Urban Exploration, This Is What He Found
Richard Huntjens is a 22-year-old photographer whose photography motto is,“Every picture tells a story, it depends on how the picture is taken how the story will be told.” He started taking pictures when he got his first quality Nikon camera at the age of 18. Since that day he was hooked. He lives in the Netherlands and loves to capture abandoned places and is what you would call an "urban explorer". Urban exploring seems to be  the newest trend in photography these days and the reason is quite obvious. These photographers sneak into abandoned buildings and capture the life that the walls were once filled with. They paint a picture of a once thriving beautiful structure and its slow decay back to the earth. This building that Richard stumbled across is something slightly different though. We are used to seeing incredibly old and dusty buildings that haven't seen a foot step in decades or more. This building had been abandoned for some time but as Richard was walking past he heard an alarm sound. His curiosity took over and he went to investigate. While poking around he noticed that someone was still paying the power bill to this abandoned steel factory. Nobody bothered to check the alarm or even investigate. What Richard found inside was unlike any urban exploration we've seen and it's somewhat creepy. Take a look.

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