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Underwater Photo Shoot With Sharks (10 Pics)

Underwater Photo Shoot With Sharks (10 Pics)
Sharks are one of the worlds most fascinating creatures. We’ve done quite a few articles here about the raw power and majesty these creatures radiate. When it comes down to the rest of the world appreciating these creatures though, let’s just say support is a big lacking. 90% of the worlds sharks have disappeared in the last 100 years. That isn’t a coincidence. With the development of commercial fishing, sharks are having a harder and harder time surviving human interference in their ecosystems. One photographer wanted to spread awareness about the plight of sharks around the world. 100 million of these apex ocean predators were killed last year alone. He wasn’t really sure where to start, and then a brilliant idea came to him! Check out his quest to raise awareness for sharks and the crazy stunt he used to pull it off. 

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