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Sarah Silverman wants brands to stop calling their 'exclusively Caucasian' products 'nude'

Sarah Silverman wants brands to stop calling their 'exclusively Caucasian' products 'nude'
Sarah Silverman has a bone to pick with how certain household items are labeled — and she’s calling for more diversity. 
The comedian took to Twitter to point out that products like pantyhose and bandages come in shades marked as “nude,” though the peachy-beige tone really only applies to some white people.
“I can’t f***ing believe that there are still ‘nude’ bras and nylons and Band Aids,” she wrote. “If you are a company still using nude to describe an exclusively Caucasian shade in 20motherf***ing19 you need to change now or go tha way of zee dinosaur.”
It’s not the first time colorist terms like “nude” and “flesh-toned” have been called out for excluding people of color. It’s one reason why Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup brand has won raves for offering dozens of shades to suit a diverse range of complexions.
Even so, many commenters hit back at Silverman’s suggestion, insisting that the limited offering of shades wasn’t an issue, or a “first world problem” at best. Others, including Sex and the City actor Willie Garson, chided her for taking up the cause on the day of the New Zealand terror attack.
Silverman fired back at the negative feedback, telling one commenter that “seriously it’s like amazing how many (exclusively white) people can’t [think] of any other word for ‘nude.'”

Despite the criticism, Silverman’s tweet did resonate with followers who identified themselves as women of color. Many shared their own “demoralizing” struggle to find products in shades that suited their darker skin, while some white women empathized with the problem.

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