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‘Ample Evidence of Collusion?’ – Meghan McCain Confronts ‘Shifty Schiff’

‘Ample Evidence of Collusion?’ – Meghan McCain Confronts ‘Shifty Schiff’
A popular Wendy’s commercial in the 1980s asked a timeless question: “Where’s the beef?”
That’s essentially what Meghan McCain is asking sanctimonious Rep. Adam Schiff when it comes to evidence proving then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.
Despite all proof to the contrary, including former special counsel Robert Mueller’s anti-climatic report, Schiff insists that President Trump is guilty of collusion — plus obstruction, racism, tax evasion, come what may.
As the Washington Examiner reported, “The View” co-host McCain called out the House Intelligence Committee chairman during a split-screen interview Thursday.

“You have claimed for years now you have a smoking gun of evidence of collusion. Your quote is ‘ample evidence of collusion,'” McCain said.
McCain, daughter of the late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, has become increasingly outspoken this year, as if carrying her father’s political torch. 
To that end, she held Schiff’s fancy feet to the flame during their televised one-on-one. It was satisfying to see somebody put him on the spot, since the California congressman has insinuated there’s such a mountain of “evidence” against Trump, it would take a grapple and hook to scale it.
“Can you share with us — right here, right now on ‘The View’ — the evidence that you have and explain why Mueller was wrong yesterday?” McCain asked.
Schiff’s initial response was as condescending and obtuse as the man himself, as he said the proof “is in plain sight, not hidden anywhere.” 
During the long-winded discourse, did he mention anything about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee’s sketchy ties to the Christopher Steele dossier and Fusion GPS? Not a chance.
It’s only fitting our commander and chief, who hands out nicknames like candy on Halloween, refers to Schiff as “Shifty” — which he has certainly earned. 
I would like to thank the Democrats for holding this morning’s hearing. Now, after 3 hours, Robert Mueller has to subject himself to - an Embarrassment to our Country!
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If Schiff were a Hans Christian Andersen character, he’d be the clothes-minded Emperor. Or perhaps the evasive House chair wouldn’t be out of place in “The Tinderbox,” given his talent for sleight of hand.

With his collusion delusion, Adam Schiff created a fairy tale all his own.

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