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CNN Duo Calls Trump’s Death Penalty Racist, Fails to Mention White Supremacist Is First to Go

CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo appear to be having a field day with the announcement that federal executions will resume for death row inmates.
The infamous duo went to town on the decision in a recent segment, heralding it as proof of President Donald Trump’s racism.
“They want to say this isn’t about race, but you can’t look at the death penalty and not see racial disparity,” Cuomo said. “You cannot look at it and not see that for what it is. But this is about something more, isn’t it? It’s about who he wants to feed.”
“Race runs through everything,” Lemon added.
The two focused on race for much of the segment and see no problem tying it all back to Trump. 
Watch the exchange below.
There is one thing that both Cuomo and Lemon conveniently forgot to mention, however.
The first man scheduled to be executed, Danny Lee, is a white supremacist.
Lee killed a husband and wife, as well as their 8-year-old daughter, for guns and money. The theft and killings were part of his plan to establish a whites-only enclave in the Pacific Northwest.
His execution should dispel any lingering doubt that Trump disavows white supremacists, right? In fact, three of the first five men slated for execution are white. 
The other two men, Alfred Bourgeois and Lezmond Mitchell, are black and Native American, respectively, but even the most rabid Trump-haters would find it hard to call their executions racist
Bourgeois, simply put, is a monster. He tortured his own 2-year-old daughter with an electrical cord, a belt, and a baseball bat; molested her; and eventually beat her to death.
Mitchell, a Navajo, killed an elderly woman and forced her young granddaughter to ride next to her corpse during a drive. Mitchell eventually slit the 9-year-old’s throat, dumping both her and her grandmother into a shallow grave. 
If the left wants to bait Trump and his followers over race, they should really pick better material.
The Trump administration’s decision to continue executions will see some horrible men killed not because of their race, but because of the unspeakable evils they committed.

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