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Abortion Survivor Protection Bill Passes Kentucky Senate Without a Single Vote Cast Against

It’s difficult to imagine that any sort of medical professional, even an abortion doctor, would choose to deny life-saving care to a baby born alive after a botched abortion.
But in the state of Kentucky, conservative lawmakers want to ensure that never happens — and that anyone sick enough to let a child outside of the womb die on their watch pays the penalty for their cruelty.
In a landslide vote, the Kentucky Senate approved legislation Monday making it illegal for medical professionals to deny care to those newborns.
Thirty-two state senators — Republicans hold 29 of the chamber’s 38 seats — voted in favor of SB 9, which will now be considered in the Kentucky House of Representatives.
No senators voted against the legislation, The Associated Press reported.
The bill orders medical workers to provide “medically appropriate and reasonable life-saving and life-sustaining medical care and treatment to all born-alive infants.”
“We want to make sure that life is protected not only in the womb but certainly after the baby’s out of the womb,” the lead sponsor of the bill, Republican state Sen. Whitney Westerfield, said as the bill was being considered Monday.
Westerfield admitted he did not know of any time in the state’s history when a baby was born alive from a failed abortion
But that is hardly the point.
You don’t wait for a baby to be murdered before you take action to prevent it from happening.
So it’s perfectly reasonable that Westerfield would want to make certain the time never comes in his state when a baby is born alive and left to die.
Naturally, the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky is against the bill because, hey, why not?
“Abortion is and always has been necessary, and Kentuckians must be able to avail themselves of this care, regardless of the personal opposition our elected officials may have to this procedure,” the group said last week in a letter to senators.
“Bills like these perpetuate myths and lies about abortion care, patients who receive this care and the doctors who care for them,” it said.

Anyone found guilty of breaking the law could be subject to imprisonment for between 1 and 5 years.
In a world where common sense and a respect for the gift of life given by God himself is universal, this law would not be needed.
But we live in a world of depravity and inhumanity — a world that continues to reject the mighty Word of God.
It is ridiculous that there are people who find this legislation, or legislation like it, to be something worth opposing.
Why does the ACLU believe that abortions “have always been necessary?”
Other than in very rare, extreme cases where a mother’s life is in jeopardy, when has an abortion been performed to save a life?
Not only is this bill, and others like it, needed, but we should continue to work toward the goal of ending the barbaric practice of abortion altogether.

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