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‘Front Hole,’ ‘Strapless’: Human Rights Campaign Unveils ‘Trans-Friendly’ Sex Terms

Far-left nonprofit Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has released transgender friendly sex terms, including “front hole” and “strapless,” in a “Safer Sex for Trans for Trans Bodies” guide.
As explained by HRC, a vagina can be referred to as a “front hole” and the word “strapless” can be used to describe “the genitals of trans women who have not had genital reconstruction (or ‘bottom surgery’), sometimes referred to as a penis.”
D***: We use this word to describe external genitals. D***s come in all shapes and sizes and can belong to people of all genders.
FRONT HOLE: We use this word to talk about internal genitals, sometimes referred to as a vagina. A front hole may self-lubricate, depending on age and hormones.
STRAPLESS: We use this word to describe the genitals of trans women who have not had genital reconstruction (or “bottom surgery”), sometimes referred to as a penis.
VAGINA: We use this word to talk about the genitals of trans women who have had bottom surgery.
When speaking of “genitals or sexual anatomy of any kind,” HRC promotes the term “parts.”
The literature also includes a testimonial of sorts from a biologically female transgender 29-year-old named Cole.
“Call it my d***, and don’t hesitate when you say it, because that’s how I know what you think and how you feel about what you’re saying. Don’t say cunnilingus, say head. Use the words you would use for any other guy,” Coles says.
“My body is different. Chances are good that I have more experience with it than you, or anyone. I probably know what feels good. Whether that’s what I like to be called… or how I want to be touched,” the 29-year-old adds.
HRC focuses on consent, too, being sure to simultaneously promote prostitution:
Consent is the enthusiastic, mutual and voluntary agreement to do whatever activity you’re discussing. Giving consent is an ongoing process: You always have the right to say “yes” or “no” to any sexual activity regardless of whether you’ve done it before, whether you know your partner really likes it or whether you’re in the middle of doing it. We also recognize that transactional sex complicates consent. If at any point you change your mind about doing something, you should say so and your partner needs to stop.
The nonprofit also touches on sex toys and masturbation, which HRC calls “one of the most laid-back ways to explore sexual pleasure (and incidentally, also one of the safest) is by yourself.”
“Masturbation allows you to experiment with how your body responds to touch: Do your parts like vibration from a favorite toy? Do they like soft, light touches or firm pressure? Are other areas of your body, like your chest, your neck or the creases of your elbows, also sensitive to touch? Taking the time to explore your own body can be liberating. There is no judgment from other people, no pressure to perform a certain way and no rush. If you have ever felt shame about the way your body looks, masturbation is one way to slowly ease into self-acceptance. Take it at your own pace. There’s no one specific goal, only opportunities to better learn what feels good to you.”

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