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Aerial Shots of the World's Greatest Destinations, Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Aerial Shots of the World's Greatest Destinations, Like You've Never Seen Them Before

We know travel plans are impacted right now. But to fulfill your wanderlust, we'll continue to share stories that can inspire your next adventure.
It can be hard to understand the sheer scope of a destination when bound to the ground. That's why some of the most striking travel photos are snapped from above, often with the help of ascendent drones.
From the vantage point of the sky, fog settling in over the Golden Gate Bridge appears like an eerie gathering storm. The staggering skyscrapers of Manhattan, Shanghai and Hong Kong look smaller, yet somehow even more impressive. And the vibrantly colored architecture of Kathmandu and Vienna seem like they're from a painting. 
We scouted out some of the most breathtaking aerial shots of destinations, to help the earthbound see the world anew.
Hong Kong takes on new dimensions from a new vantage point.
From straight above, Manhattan's towering skyline looks disarmingly small.
Trajinera boats fill a canal within the Mexico City borough of Xochimilco.
Prague, Czech Republic
Beer gardens draw the masses to Old Town Square in Prague.
Venice, Italy
The Grand Canal in Venice looks even more grand from this angle.
Vancouver, Canada
Stanley Park and the Pacific Ocean are divided by seawall in Vancouver.
Tokyo, Japan
A highway junction in Japan looks particularly impressive at night from the sky.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Costa Esmeralda beach in Buenos Aires is lined with sun umbrellas on a summer day.
Moscow, Russia
Zhivopisny suspension bridge spans Moskva River in Moscow.
Singapore Island, Singapore
A building complex in Singapore is a triumph of design.Bangkok, Thailand
From on high, the vehicles in a Bangkok roundabout look like toy cars.
San Francisco, USA
The Golden Gate Bridge is shrouded in a blanket of fog.
Paris, France

The iconic Arc de Triomphe is the center of activity in Paris.

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