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Biden Gets ‘Surprise Ray Of Hope’ In California After Drop-Outs Give Him The Edge

Biden Gets ‘Surprise Ray Of Hope’ In California After Drop-Outs Give Him The Edge
Former Vice President Joe Biden is looking at a “surprise ray of hope,” according to Politico, which reported Monday that only a small number of California residents have early voted in Tuesday’s primary — and Biden’s numbers are on an upward trajectory — leaving plenty of room for Biden to closer to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in Super Tuesday’s biggest contest.
Californians have been waiting until Super Tuesday to cast their ballots, according to the Washington, D.C.-based outlet, and fears that Biden would do poorly in other western states after losing big to Sanders in the Nevada caucuses, haven’t materialized. In fact, it seems more Californians than normal have waited to vote, leaving an opening for Biden to shorten Sanders’ lead in the delegate-rich state.
“The portion of returned ballots at this stage is much lower than in recent elections — and [Biden’s] campaign is counting on a late surge of support among those holdouts after his dominant performance on Saturday,” Politico said. “[T]he decline,” an expert added, “in returned ballots so far is occurring among the most dedicated voters: Those who have participated in the past five elections.”
That means Democratic voters are holding their fire, waiting to see what their options are on Tuesday and, perhaps, considering whether to cast a strategic ballot to keep Sanders off the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket.
“They’re waiting for a signal,” another expert noted, “and I think this is a signal. If you were debating between which of the Democrats who aren’t Bernie Sanders or even Elizabeth Warren to throw your hat behind, you’re probably going Joe Biden’s way.”
That outlook likely improved Monday afternoon, after Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) announced that she would be suspending her campaign, pulling her team from Super Tuesday states that, just 24 hours ago, she intended to compete in. She follows former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, who exited the race Sunday night, likely at the behest of Democratic officials who need the “moderate” vote to consolidate behind a single candidate.
The only competition left is Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and she likely poses a greater threat to Sanders than to Biden, at least in California, where progressives are looking for a viable alternative to the Vermont socialist, who might be just a tad too likely to distribute their wealth. She’s also more than likely to ink a deal with a winning candidate.
The news looks rosy for Biden on the fundraising front, as well. The campaign took in $2 million in the days between the South Carolina debate and the primary election, and $5 million in the 24 hours after Biden’s win. A pro-Biden Super PAC added to the largesse, netting $2.5 million, and several backers announced a Hollywood fundraiser for the former Veep to take place after the massive Tuesday primary.
Biden, for his part, told a crowd of supporters that tomorrow is Super Thursday, so that’s going well.

The latest polls show Sanders, of course, with a commanding lead, but Biden is moving upward — a surge that’s taken place over the last three days, according to RealClearPolitics, Any movement for Biden in California is nothing short of miraculous; the campaign had mostly written off the Golden State back in December, focusing instead of states that Biden knew he could win.

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