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Chick-fil-A Worker Goes Viral for His Cheerful Drive-Thru Dance Moves

In a time when panic is taking root in many hearts, there are those who are trying to help by creating moments of joy.
Dwelling on the unknowns and what-ifs of the coronavirus outbreak can be exhausting and depressing, but there are people who are still doing their best to get others to smile instead of worry. One of those people is Daniel Morgan.
Morgan works at the Southport Road Chick-fil-A in Indianapolis. Even though the chain is already well known for its employees’ extreme politeness and excellent customer service, Morgan has ratcheted up expectations even more.
It has become his job to direct drive-thru traffic. Chick-fil-As are known for their streamlined drive-thru process, and that quality has become even more important now that dining rooms are closed.
Morgan doesn’t merely direct traffic, though: He delivers smiles as he dances through directing.
WXIN-TV revealed that when Morgan was younger, his mother referred to him as “Dan, Dan the Dancing Man,” and after several videos of his skills have gone viral, it’s not just his mom who’s taking notice.
“The reactions have been great,” he told WXIN. “So many people just like burst out laughing.”
“So many people like join in a little bit doing a little dance in their car, and I just love it. It’s great to see the smile on people’s faces.”
“This is our guy!” the Southport Road Chick-fil-A location posted on Facebook on Saturday, sharing a video taken by one of its customers. “Enjoy Danny’s dance moves!”
Morgan also told WXIN that he believes his skills are being used by God to cheer people up — and based on crowd reactions, that seems quite true.
“We saw him out there on Friday!” one person commented on WXIN’s video. “Chick fil a knows how to do it! He definitely had us laughing while we waited in line.”
“He was awesome!” wrote another. “Blowing kisses at an old lady. I was hurt I didnt get one lol. Totally made my day!”
“At a time in the world when many are in fear, concerned or worried; I pulled up to Chick-fil-A and this was refreshing,” a third person said. “He did the moon walk and has some smooth moves.”
“Whether I’m getting attention or not, it’s not about me in the end,” Morgan explained. “Our time here isn’t long, it’s limited so, just using that time more wisely, I think that’s what this whole pandemic has encouraged and motivated me to do and forced a lot of people to do. To spend a lot of time with people we love and really be honest with them how much they mean to us.”

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