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FAQ’s on coronavirus and diet

Do we need to avoid food from outside, can Corona virus be transmitted through food?
Ans. No, it’s a myth. Corona virus is not transmitted through food. A virus grows on a host (human or animal). It does not grow in food.
Can one get Corona virus by consuming eggs, chicken or fish?
Ans. The ground source of the virus is suspected to be mainly an animal but the exact source has not yet been identified. It is generally recommended to well cook all non-veg food as it kills all germs and reduces any possibility of the virus to sustain itself.
Does Corona virus spread if an infected person handles or prepares food?
Ans. Yes, it can be transmitted by a person infected with the Corona virus, as it spreads through droplets formed during coughing and sneezing. Therefore, food getting contaminated by an infected person is something that cannot be ruled out.
Can one consume certain foods that help build immunity or prevent from being infected by the Corona virus?
Ans. Sadly No! A healthy diet and disciplined lifestyle (adequate water intake and sleep, optimal physical activity, healthy food options) will naturally include foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, and Zinc and are good immunity boosters
What precautions should be taken with regard to food?
Ans. a) Thoroughly washing hands with soap and water should be a priority before handling food, cooking or eating.
b) Soak all fruits and vegetables for minimum 2 hours or so. Cover food and keep in zip locks or air tight containers. It reduces the chances of any human touch or contamination.

c) If feeling unwell, having even a normal cold or cough, avoid cooking. If unavoidable, cover your mouth with a mask all the time

d) Avoid outside food…… raw food, fresh fruit juices, food from roadside vendors, cold foods ( yogurt, ice cream, frozen desserts etc)

e) Increase your intake of fluids, specially of hot beverages like hot water, soups, green tea or herbal tea. Taking a shot of amla juice will help to boost immunity

) Incorporate herbs and spices either by infusing in water or as a concoction in your daily diet. Cloves, cinnamon, black pepper corns, turmeric, mint , tulsi, ginger, garlic etc may be beneficial especially if you have congestion or sore throat.
g) Avoid tobacco and excessive use of alcohol.

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