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Is It Canceled Yet? Coronavirus Canceling So Many Events A Website Now Helps Keep Track Of Them All

As more states confirm more cases of coronavirus and media coverage continues to paint an increasingly apocalyptic picture of the situation, events both big and small are being canceled right and left.
Overseas, ’80s pop icon Madonna’s final two concerts in Paris for her “Madame X” tour were abruptly shut down Monday by French authorities, while here in the states, ’90s super-band Pearl Jam had to inform their fans this week that they’ve reluctantly decided to postpone their new tour. South By Southwest (SXSW) has also announced that the big festival scheduled for this weekend is no longer happening. In the political realm, both Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have decided to call off scheduled rallies.
But for those overwhelmed by the chaos of cancellations, not to worry, there’s now a website to help keep it all straight, appropriately called, “Is It Canceled Yet?” And to help with all the doom and gloom, the new site even offers some “dark humor” to keep visitors from going completely over the cliff.
In an editor’s note at the top of the site (“isitcanceledyet.com”) provides an explanation of the intent — and limits — of the site:
editor’s note: this website tracks some of the events that have been canceled due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), along with some other things that have been incidentally canceled. it is not meant to be a comprehensive or efficient resource. indeed, in dark times, dark humor is a salve for strained souls. it may be sad that some of the events listed here have been canceled, but know that it is often a difficult decision made with good intentions, and that canceling public events during an outbreak can help save lives.
The site then provides the names of a series of big events, entities, or other attractions followed by a giant “YES” in red or “NO” in blue answering whether or not it’s been shut down. A few examples of events or other attractions that are now officially toast:
  • SXSW is done.
  • Pope Francis’ public appearances aren’t happening.
  • Bernie and Biden rallies are as of now officially de-scheduled.
  • The Google I/O developer conference is caput.
  • The big Minecraft Festival is no more.
  • Coachella has gone the way of SXSW.
  • Harvard University has given up on all in-person classes.
Also cancelled is Chris Matthews. As are “free samples at Costco.” That’s the “dark humor” the editor was talking about.
While it might sound like every event, famous university and hyperbolic television personality are officially “cancelled,” it’s not all over. Burning Man, for now, is on. So are the 2020 Olympics. So are Doctors Without Border (to whom you can donate here).
While isitcanceledyet.com takes a partly humorous approach to the situation, as Bloomberg News detailed in a report Tuesday, all these cancellations do have some real-world costs that will end up impacting the economy.
“The spread of the virus across the U.S. has already caused the scuttling of more than 50 major corporate events with an estimated attendance of 940,000 people, according to data collected by Bloomberg News,” Bloomberg reports. “Much of the economic impact is obvious. Those attendees aren’t flying, staying in hotels, ordering Ubers and racking up bar tabs on the corporate Amex. In the U.S., spending on business trips rose to $327 billion in 2018 — up 22% from five years earlier — in accounting for about 40% of all expenditures, according to the U.S. Travel Association.” The news agency goes on to note that there are also “hidden costs” to the growing cancellations that are hard to predict and fully calculate but that will have real impact down the line.

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