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Man Stuck in Crane Recorded Destructive Tornado Carving a Path Across Nashville

Man Stuck in Crane Recorded Destructive Tornado Carving a Path Across Nashville
A destructive tornado carved an early-morning path across Nashville, Tennessee, catching thousands off guard.
While the city slept below him, one man in a towering construction crane was more than aware of the danger as he recorded the destructive vortex making a path through the heart of the state.
As the tornado cut through Nashville early Tuesday morning, the unidentified man could only record a helpless plea while filming the event.
“Carla, there’s a real tornado right there,” the man said.
“If something happens, make sure everybody knows I love them, Carla. This is no joke!”
Stuck in a crane, it’s unlikely the man would have had time to escape had the tornado been on a direct path for him.
The frightened man filmed the tornado, seen as a dark mass in the clip, shredding houses and power lines in the distance. Electric arcs lit the Nashville sky up while the panicked man struggled to get a better view.
Watch the full video below.
WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.
The timing of the tornado caught the city completely off guard, and dozens are now dead from flying debris and other hazards.
Celebrities and politicians flooded social media with messages of support and prayers for the disaster-stricken city.
It seems their efforts have brought national attention to Nashville, which is now the center of a massive volunteer and relief effort.
While the cameraman survived, many did not.
FEMA advises those in areas with the possibility of tornadoes to be prepared above all else.
The best thing to do when a tornado touchdown is imminent is to seek shelter in a strong and sturdy structure. While an underground shelter is ideal, not everyone has access to one.
Small interior rooms, such as closets and bathrooms, are a good alternative.
The danger doesn’t end once the tornado has passed, either. Downed power lines are more than able to deliver a deadly shock to careless individuals. Ruptured gas lines also create a potentially deadly and explosive environment.
As the Nashville tornadoes prove, these destructive forces can happen when you least expect it, and the results can be devastating.

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