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TX Gov. Overrides Transport Laws So Grocery Stores Can Restock Faster

TX Gov. Overrides Transport Laws So Grocery Stores Can Restock Faster
Government rules and regulations never make things any easier for Americans. When we need quick action, we have to start cutting them.
That is precisely what Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was doing on Sunday in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
“To get more supplies in our grocery stores more quickly I will remove any regulatory barrier that stands in the way,” the GOP governor tweeted.
“Texas is now allowing trucks that deliver alcohol to also deliver grocery supplies.”
Why this regulation exists to begin with is anyone’s guess but cutting it in a time of crisis is a wise idea.
The governor believes this deregulation is going to help grocery stores keep their shelves stocked for their customers.
“This is yet another example of the private sector stepping up and Texans helping Texans as we all work to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in our state,” he said, KXXV reported.
“I thank the Texas Alcoholic and Beverage Commission for its assistance in this effort. By waiving these regulations, we are streamlining the process to replenish the shelves in grocery stores across the state.
“We are all in this together, and I want to remind all Texans that hoarding resources is neither necessary nor productive.
“Texas has the supplies to meet the needs of Texans, and we will continue to expedite the flow of groceries to stores across the state,” he said.
At a time when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and other leftists have called for authoritarian measures, Abbott has taken a capitalist approach.
Democratic leaders like de Blasio believe that having the government seize control of private industries is somehow going to help.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted to use the pandemic to get more funding for her abortion agenda.
But Abbott has chosen to utilize the private sector, which is almost always the best bet.
It’s a stark contrast in philosophy. Democrats believe that the government is best suited to take care of you, and should take care of you from cradle to grave.
Conservatives believe that humans are granted by God the ability to take care of themselves and each other through self-reliance and the mutual exchange of goods and services for compensation.

Considering how this virus started in the communist hellhole of China and is ravaging the quasi-socialist nation of Italy, it would stand to reason that government intervention is not the best bet.

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