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10 haunted places in the world

10 haunted places in the world

Horror movies, scary stories or ghost trains: we all like to scare each other! The ten destinations we have selected take us beyond fiction, to sites where the paranormal is part of everyday life.

Glamis Castle and its seven ghosts

In the east of Scotland, Glamis Castle saw Queen Mother Elizabeth grow up. A visit to its elegant turrets or royal apartments reveals splendid interiors, yet the stroll may well be disturbed by one of the castle's seven ghosts! Among them, the second lord of Glamis, an inveterate gambler who was reportedly buried alive during a card game, or Lady Janet Douglas, convicted of witchcraft!

The Queen Mary, a haunted liner?

The Queen Mary, which made the transatlantic crossings, has now been converted into a hotel, permanently anchored in Long Beach, California. During the visit, you will discover the sumptuous decorations of its lounges and ballrooms, but also the mysteries and legends that surround the ship. For the more adventurous, tours are organized at night: it would allow contact with the spirits inhabiting the area!

Aokigahara, a cursed forest

If the idea of getting lost in a forest frightens you to the core, don't venture into the forest of Aokigahara, at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan. The latter would be haunted by many spirits: the yureis. Moreover, since GPS do not work inside this thick labyrinth of greenery, it is very difficult to find your way around! Nailed to the tree trunks, you will also meet evil voodoo dolls

The Tower of London and its ghosts of the past

It is one of the most visited monuments in Britain: the Tower of London was built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror to protect the city before becoming a prison where many people were executed. Today, it seems that his ghosts of the past are resurfacing, notably Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII's companions beheaded near the Tower, or Henry VI.

The citadel of Akershus and its frightening guardian

Built in the 13th century to protect Oslo, Akershus Castle has seen many developments during its history. Today, it would be inhabited by spirits, and its entrance would be guarded by the ghost of a dog, Malcanisten, once buried living near the fortress. The latter would bark when someone tries to enter the castle. An evil horse would also be heard at night, terrorizing the surroundings

The castle of Commarque and its lovers

The castle of Commarque, in the Dordogne, is home to a legend worthy of a romantic film, with ghosts in addition! More than 500 years ago, the daughter of the Count of Commarch fell in love with the son of her father's rival's son. To prevent their relationship, the Count locked the young lover in the castle dungeon before beheading him. Today, we would still hear the ghost of the young man's horse wandering in search of his master

Stanley Hotel, in the footsteps of Shining

The dolls on the island of Muñecas, in the Xochimilco region of Mexico, would not make any child dream. An islander accumulated them and hung them on the trees after being hit by the death of a little girl by drowning in a canal. Over the years, the inhabitants continued the work, to the point of cracking the trees under the weight of his dolls, which were not very reassuring!

The Eastern State Penitentiary, the haunted prison

North of Philadelphia, in the United States, there is an imposing penitentiary centre. Opened in 1829, it housed the famous Al Capone and many of the prisoners sentenced to total isolation. Before the prison revolutionized the prison environment by banning corporal punishment for the first time, acts of torture were committed there and it is, it seems, the soul of the former prisoners who are still prowling around the walls of this building that we visit today as a museum

The island of Poveglia, terror in Venice

Although it is located in the Venice lagoon, you will not find any tourists on the island of Poveglia: the latter is forbidden to the public because it is considered cursed! During the Renaissance, plague patients were buried or burned on the island, and they would still roam there today, a few miles from the city of the Doges. Later, a psychiatric hospital was built in Poveglia, and many patients lived their last days there. Freezing!

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