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Abrams' Staffer Complains of Voter Suppression Immediately After Bragging About Minority Turnout

When someone is playing the victim card but cannot home in on precisely why they are a victim, the results can be hilarious.
That is what happened on Monday when Stacey Abrams’ campaign manager wanted to brag and complain at the same time.
Lauren Groh-Wargo, who managed Abrams’ unsuccessful campaign for Georgia governor in 2018, penned an Op-Ed for The New York Times in which she made the case for Abrams to seek higher office — namely the office of vice president on a ticket with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
But in the opinion piece, Groh-Wargo had to explain why Abrams did not win the election while at the same time arguing that she can bring voters to the polls.
This is a monumental task and one that Groh-Wargo twisted herself in knots doing.

She had to argue that there was voter suppression while simultaneously arguing that Abrams brought droves of minority voters to the booths.
“Sure, turnout was up everywhere and at presidential levels in many states,” she wrote of the 2018 midterm elections.
“But Georgia was the only state where midterm turnout was greater than presidential turnout in each group of voters of color. Any political scientist will tell you this is not something that happens. Ever.”
That sounds impressive. It sounds like someone you would want to have on your team if driving minority votes is key to your election.
But Groh-Wargo also had to explain why, if Abrams was so good, she did not win the election and become the governor of Georgia.
“Despite a scourge of voter suppression, Stacey came within 55,000 votes of victory in 2018, and much has changed in Georgia since,” she wrote.
“More than 600,000 Georgians have registered to vote since 2018; half of them are voters of color, and 40 percent of them are under age 30.”
Well, which is it?
Were minority voters suppressed or did Abrams bring record numbers of minority voters to the polls? 
How can it be both? How can you have voter suppression and the kind of turnout that Groh-Wargo is saying Abrams had?
Abrams has still never conceded her defeat, which is a hallmark of Democratic candidates, so that works in her favor.
But she is going to have to figure out a better selling point than being a woman if she wants to be Biden’s running mate.

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