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Open Letter to Montana Governor Bullock RE: Covid 19 Hunting Restrictions?

  Open Letter to Montana Governor Bullock RE: Covid 19 Hunting Restrictions?
No Hunting, No Fishing, No Nothing Sign

Some Montanans fear that you and those in your circle could be considering a moratorium on all hunting as a part of Montana's response to Covid 19. If this may seem far-fetched, we remember that you always claimed to support the Second Amendment, yet when recently seeking the nomination for President you argued in favor of banning certain guns and magazines. Given that history, it's not such a stretch for Montanans to fear you might try to stop hunting.
No! Just no. The people of Montana have waited and complied with surprising patience as you rolled out various incursions into civil liberties under the guise of fighting this virus. But, no hunting? No way! That's the double-yellow line.
  • First, the idea is nonsensical. Hunting is an outdoor activity that is typically done solo, with exaggerated “social distancing.
  • Second, if the economy continues the way it is going, many Montana people will need hunting to feed their families. Winter is coming.

– Third, Montana people will NOT comply. Yes, there is a point beyond which the tolerance of Montanan people simply will not go. By trying to stop hunting you would just create more outlaws and disrespect for government and law, as happened during Prohibition.

  • Fourth, lacking hunting license revenue, the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks would just come whining to the Legislature for general fund, taxpayer money to maintain or expand its mission.
In case you haven't figured it out yet, taxpayer money will be dwindling. Plus, in the private sector, about which you may care, lots of small businesses would miss out on the many millions of income derived from hunting season and hunting activity.
You should drop the idea of a moratorium on hunting like a red hot rock. Really! It's a spectacularly bad idea.

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